DHA RFI: Veterinary Electronic Health Record (VEHR)

Solicitation Number: HT0050EMSCDRFI10242019

A current Government off the Shelf (GOTS) VEHR addresses the Military Health System (MHS) ability to optimize data capture, data management, data analysis and event reporting for the Department of Defense (DoD) Veterinary Service.  The VEHR supports Force Health Protection (FHP) for the key areas of animal care, management and animal disease prevention and control. The VEHR is deployed as an Integrated, web-based Application accessible worldwide supporting 140+ veterinary treatment facilities, 5,450 working animals, and 541,000 patients across the DoD.

The VEHR provides an electronic health record as well as the practice management solution to schedule appointments, track and maintain pharmaceutical and supply inventories, real-time collection of money for patient encounters and transactions at time and location of visit, and financial management of monies collected for both working animals and privately owned animals.
The VEHR provides five (5) primary functions:  an electronic medical record; scheduling; financial management; inventory management; and reporting capability.

5.1.   VEHR program is a Department of Defense (DoD) Mission-Essential Acquisition Category III (ACAT III) Mission Assurance Category (MAC) III Program. The program addresses the MHS’s effort to optimize data capture, data management, data analysis, and event reporting for the Department of Defense Veterinary Service for animal care and management, as well as, for animal disease prevention and control in support of the Force Health Protection (FHP) mission. The program provides a complete practice management solution in addition to being a health record program.

The VEHR provides support for Defense Health Agency (DHA) Veterinary Service Branch (VSB) in its mission to provide veterinary services and maintain complete healthcare information for all Government Owned Animals (GOAs) and Privately-Owned Animals (POAs), with respect to all veterinary services within the Department of Defense (DoD). Inherent in this mission is providing health care and treatment of GOAs in operationally deployed environments and in garrison and the protection of the military community from zoonotic diseases from both GOAs and other animals. Additionally, the selected software application serves as the point-of-sale, financial and inventory management system for the Global Veterinary Medical Practice that manages the veterinary supplemental non-appropriated fund (NAF) mission for the DoD in support of GOAs and POAs.

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