Podcast: NIH NCI Information Systems Security Officer and others tackle cyber, threat hunting and challenges for Government

“For federal cybersecurity practitioners, it’s axiomatic: The nature of threats changes constantly, and the sheer numbers keep growing. No one can change that. But how agencies respond can and simply must change. If the ultimate goal is maintaining faith with constituencies, and the strategy is protection of data and continuity of operations, then agencies must design new techniques to ensure both people and machines operate most efficiently and effectively.”

“In this exclusive executive briefing, the following cybersecurity professionals tackle the latest thinking in data analytic-driven and threat hunting to better understand where the government is in cyber and what they see as the main challenges:

  • Levi Gundert, Vice President of Intelligence and Risk, Recorded Future
  • Craig Hayn, Information Systems Security Officer, National Cancer Institute
  • David Hogue, Senior Technical Director, Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center, National Security Agency
  • Samuel Visner, Director, National Cybersecurity Federally Funded Research and Development Center, MITRE Corporation” Access the podcast here.

Source: Executive Briefing Series: Analyzing the Threat Environment –  October 17, 2019. Federal News Network.



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