Apptio Case Study: TBM Helps the VA Run IT Like a Business

“With over 280,000 employees, 9.1M military veterans receiving services, 167 hospitals, 1,400 community care centers, 53,000 VA-licensed healthcare providers in all 50 states, and an annual budget of $200B, the VA is, by any measure, a massive, sprawling organization. And, like most organizations of this size, understanding where its $4B in annual IT spending was going and the benefits the VA was getting in return, was elusive…”

“To change this dynamic, Gaddis went in search of a tool to automate the process. That is when he discovered Technology Business Management (TBM). Shortly thereafter, in 2018, the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandated that TBM be used government-wide by 2022 to track and manage IT costs. That put the VA well ahead of the game. Because of their head start, they are now being looked to as a mentor for other agencies as they begin their TBM journey…”

“In just the space of 18 months or so, TBM has racked up quite a few wins for the VA. They have:

  • Rolled out an executive dashboard for IT leaders to easily view and manage key financial, operational, and business
  • Developed a concrete approach to data improvement based on the value of the data to the decisions made
  • Automated a chargeback process that allows business customers to easily view and understand their consumption and charges for infrastructure and services … and have conversations about how they can modify consumption to drive down cost
  • Increased their credibility with the OMB and Congress (whom they must report to every month regarding their spending)
  • Variance to actuals now track at one percent of budget throughout the year”

“TBM has also been instrumental in enabling their move to cloud. Like many organizations, cloud is proving to be an attractive alternative to on-prem owned and managed IT for the VA. They are embracing cloud as part of their digital transformation journey and they are leveraging TBM to make better decisions about what applications and infrastructure should be kept in-house and which to move to the cloud…” Read the full case study here.

Source: TBM Helps the VA Run IT Like a Business – By Allen Bernard, November 19, 2019. Apptio.



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