GovernmentCIO: DHA SDD Shifting Health IT Outlook for 2020

“The Defense Health Agency’s engineering branch’s future health IT initiatives will focus on rationalization, optimization, cost reduction and modernization.”

“ROCM,” as Solution Delivery Division Chief Col. Francisco Dominicci calls it, is a new perspective for the agency unveiled at the DHA Industry Day in San Antonio Nov. 21. Those four elements play different roles throughout SDD’s IT activities, but they ultimately fuel each other in a cyclical manner, he said…”

“Rationalization, he said, has led to realizing the efficiencies of creating a common electronic health record, which DHA has launched with MHS GENESIS. Similar to what the agency accomplished with MHS GENESIS, optimizing from a data perspective…”

“With the new foundation that Dominicci set for SDD, other leaders from the division presented some of DHA’s major and upcoming contracts in 2020 within that framework…” Read the full article here.

Source: DHA SDD Shifting Health IT Outlook for 2020 – By Melissa Harris, November 24, 2019. GovermentCIO.



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