MeriTalk: VA Meets Modernization Goals One Year After Relaunch

“One year after the relaunch of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) official website,, the agency praised streamlined citizen services, integration of veterans’ health data with an iOS app, and its virtual veteran services capabilities at the Veterans Digital Transformation Breakfast on Nov. 7.”

“In the first year of’s relaunch, the VA boasts increased website traffic:

  • 9 million unique users.
  • 6 million unique login successes.
  • 684,000 profile updates, up 479 percent over prior year period…”

“VA officials also announced that since yesterday’s launch of health record integration with the iPhone health app, 3,000 veterans have registered for the service…” Read the full article here.

Source: VA Meets Modernization Goals One Year After Relaunch – November 7, 2019. MeriTalk.



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