NIH seeking public comment on Policy for Data Management and Sharing

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is seeking public comments on a DRAFT NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing and supplemental DRAFT guidance. The purpose of this DRAFT Policy and supplemental DRAFT guidance is to promote effective and efficient data management and sharing to further NIH’s commitment to making the results and accomplishments of the research it funds and conducts available to the public….

hrough this Notice, NIH is seeking public input on a trans-NIH data management and sharing policy proposal that further advances the Agency’s commitment to responsible data management and sharing. Of note, NIH first announced its intent to encourage broad data sharing in 2015 with the release of the NIH Plan for Increasing Access to Scientific Publications and Digital Scientific Data from NIH Funded Scientific Research and further stakeholder input was sought via the 2017 Request for Information: Strategies for NIH Data Management, Sharing, and Citation. NIH shared its initial proposed policy provisions for a future draft data management and sharing policy in 2018 through its Request for Information on Proposed Provisions of a Draft Data Management and Sharing Policy for NIH Funded or Supported Research. In response to the 2018 Request for Information, NIH received a total of 183 submissions from both national and international stakeholders, the majority of whom described themselves as scientific researchers or institutional officials from a variety of organizational affiliations and areas of research interest. Most respondents strongly supported data sharing and the concept of defining “scientific data” as encompassing the data and metadata needed to replicate and validate research findings. Additionally, respondents generally agreed that researchers should prospectively outline where, when, and how scientific data resulting from NIH-funded or conducted research will be managed and shared while allowing for data sharing exceptions, when justified. Many respondents expressed concerns about varying expectations across diverse scientific domains, the NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices (ICOs), and Federal agencies, in addition to concerns of potential burden on the research community.

Public comments received from these Requests for Information, coupled with engagement efforts and lessons learned from other Federal agencies’ data sharing policies, were considered in crafting an NIH-wide data management and sharing policy proposal. After thorough review and consideration of stakeholder input, NIH developed the current DRAFT NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing (herein referred to as “DRAFT Policy”) for public input which, when finalized and effective, would apply to all NIH-funded or conducted research generating scientific data, regardless of data type, size, or the requested amount of funding… Read the full posting here.

Source: Request for Public Comments on a DRAFT NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing and Supplemental DRAFT Guidance, November 8, 2019. Federal Register.



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