VA to award contract for FY 2020 VISTS Hosting and Maintenance

Solicitation 36C77620Q0018

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Employee Education Services intends to award a firm-fixed price sole source contract to the contractor Kognito Solutions. This contract will include: Employee Education System (EES) Performance Work Statement Software Hosting, Help Desk, and Software Maintenance/Updates.

The VISTS software provides high fidelity scenario-based interview skills training and supports asynchronous distance learning. The Contractor shall provide VISTS software capable of running on a standalone electronic computing device, delivered on optical media (one copy on a CD or DVD is required each time software maintenance or update to VISTS occurs) for standalone computers, or installed on a networked electronic computing device for access to courseware over internet. Background: The Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA) has identified a need to train healthcare providers, clinicians, and Clinical Instructors in effective patient interviewing techniques. The VHA possesses the VISTS simulation-based training tool that is customizable with a myriad of built in patient responses which are enabled during health care provider and clinician interviews. VISTS provides a simulation-based learning that provides veteran-centered patient interviewing skills for health care providers and clinicians. The VISTS will be used to supplement face-to-face training and coaching and will support the development and enhancement of health care providers and clinicians who interview patients throughout the VHA facilities. The VISTS software includes a common Graphical User Interface (GUI) that can accommodate ten thousand (10,000) learners per year.

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