Implementation, Not Just Tech, Disrupts Federal Health IT, VA, HHS Officials Say

“Disruptive technologies are well known to be transforming the federal health IT landscape, but the implementation of and change management behind those technologies are just as game-changing, according to several federal officials.”

“’Technology itself is not disruptive. It is the application of technology to impact people’s lives that actually matters,’ said Dr. Neil Evans, Veterans Health Agency Connected Care Officer, at the FedHealthIT 100 event Monday. Technologies like a new electronic health record would be most disruptive if it was least disruptive, in that such a record would interrupt clinicians less often, he added.”

“Taking a human-centered design approach — spending time with providers to understand what their needs are and how technology can support their work and beneficiaries’ care — is critical…”

Evans added that since technologies like telehealth and connected care have allowed for greater access to health care in organizations like the Department of Veterans Affairs, therefore extending the patient-provider relationship that beneficiaries want from health care facilities to remote locations. The success behind telehealth, he said, is not in the technology itself, but the way it transforms how people interact with their providers in positive ways.”

“Completing successful projects like the seamless electronic health record between VA and the Defense Health Agency will be disruptive less in how beneficiaries and providers need to interact with records and more in how receiving and providing care will become an easier process…”

“In handling the data that agencies collect in its electronic health records and creating AI solutions to manage data, Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General Chief Data Officer Caryl Bryzmialkiewicz said that agencies need to consider what algorithms they will apply to data, as well as whether those algorithms will be used appropriately and provide insights and feedback…” Read the full article here.

Source: Implementation, Not Just Tech, Disrupts Federal Health IT, Officials Say – By Melissa Harris, December 3, 2019. GovernmentCIO.



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