NIH Solicitation: Library Services Platform and Discovery Layer Implementation for the National Library of Medicine (NLM)

Solicitation: 75N97019Q00059

NLM needs to offer a modern, comprehensive Library Services Platform and Discovery Layer that enables users to quickly and seamlessly access NLM’s rich bibliographic data, electronic resources, and full text content. This procurement intends to replace NLM’s existing library system with a cloud-based, state-of-the-art library management system. The system shall provide capabilities to better manage all formats, including, but not limited to, electronic resources and print materials.

The objective of this Statement of Work (SOW) to acquire a cloud-based Library Services Platform and Discovery Layer from an industry leader with technical expertise, experience and resources for ongoing development for the National Library of Medicine.

The contractor shall provide cloud-based Library Services Platform and Discovery Layer as well as the technical, management, and support services for implementing and maintaining the platform.


  1. The system shall provide unified management of all the resources that the library owns, licenses, stewards, and makes available to end users for discovery and delivery.
  2. The system shall be able to integrate with the library’s existing systems in a robust and transparent manner allowing for ongoing updating from and to the system.
  3. The system shall be a Web-based SaaS multi-tenant cloud solution that requires only a Web browser, not the installation of staff clients.
  4. The system shall feature at least quarterly updates to all customers, released by the vendor and requiring no library IT intervention.

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