PG: GI Bill payments to Veterans were botched last year. The VA says it’s ‘ready to roll’ this time

“Last fall, veterans attending school faced such widespread delays and errors in their GI Bill checks that federal officials scrapped the new payments entirely and spent the next year rebooting the program.”

“On Sunday, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will try again. This time around, VA officials promised, updated computer systems, a lower backlog of claims and additional staffing will deliver a smoother experience…”

“One of the updates effective Sunday could bring payment changes for some veterans attending a school’s branch campus. That provision calls for housing benefits to be calculated according to the cost of living in the place veterans attend classes, rather than the cost of living on the school’s main campus.”

“The VA estimated about 59,000 veterans nationwide could receive increased payments because of the change, and about 21,000 will get less…” Read the full article here.

Source: GI Bill payments to veterans were botched last year. The VA says it’s ‘ready to roll’ this time – December 1, 2019. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.



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