Press Release: MHS GENESIS enabler to more effective military health system

“The Military Health System continues to implement a new, modern electronic health record – named MHS GENESIS – to harness advanced technology and transform how military health care is delivered to more than 9.5 million beneficiaries.”

“The system’s functional champion, Air Force Maj. Gen. Lee Payne, assistant director for Combat Support at the Defense Health Agency, said the MHS is focused on three key priorities as it continues deploying the new record: ensuring that MHS GENESIS facilitates a high quality of care, protects the safety and security of patient information, and is trusted by healthcare professionals and patients…”

“Payne emphasized the quality, safety and security features of the system when he addressed hundreds of attendees at the annual meeting of the Society of Federal Health Professionals, also known as AMSUS, held at National Harbor, Maryland, Dec. 3.”

“Currently, eight sites on the west coast are using MHS GENESIS. In June 2020, deployments will continue under a phased approach with full deployment scheduled to be completed in 2023.”

“MHS GENESIS replaces a patchwork of legacy systems and will make inpatient and outpatient information instantly available wherever it is needed across the continuum of care, from point of injury to the military treatment facility. When fully implemented, each service member, veteran, and family member will have a single health record.”

“It relies on secure cloud computing technology to create global availability, and that technology may create vulnerabilities, including cybersecurity threats by actors who would use medical data for nefarious purposes. Payne said the MHS GENESIS implementation process has included careful and comprehensive testing of medical devices, cloud computing resources, and other computer security protocols that make MHS GENESIS ‘probably the most secure system on the planet right now…’” Read the full press release here.

Source: MHS GENESIS enabler to more effective military health system – December 17, 2019. Military Health System.



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