VA Data Leader on the Department of Veterans Affairs approach to automation and AI innovation

“Federal data scientists are spurring innovation at their agencies through appending data analytics research to core missions and organizational priorities, leaders said at the AI and RPA CXO Tech Forum Dec. 5…”

“Discussing the Department of Veterans Affairs approach to automation and AI innovation, VA Statistician David Maron reiterated the necessity to begin with creating an organized data repository that can feed into AI engines.”

“’It’s foundational to have quality, clean, uniform data that you can leverage in large quantities,’ Maron said. ‘If you don’t have those in place, you’re not going to be able to trust the outcomes you have with AI.’”

“The VA has made progress in data organizing and automation.”

“’Five, six years ago I was working with the medical record data for millions of veterans and having to clean that data manually,’ Maron said. ‘Now we’ve become more sophisticated…’”

“These efforts have enabled increasingly collaborative work on AI development between the VA and outside partners. ‘One of the main things we’re doing in AI is an AI tech sprint,’ Maron revealed.”

“The VA’s latest tech sprint is poised to advance agency-specific AI application.”

“’This is a time-limited engagement on a specific use case,’ he said. ‘We just did clinical trial matching for veterans, and this brought in academic and industry partners.’”

“The initial efforts to structure and categorize proprietary VA data has allowed a new era of innovation at the agency, one that was focused on improving VA services while incorporating external contributions as well…” Read the full article here.

Source: Government Leaders Tie Data Strategy to Agency Missions – By Adam Patterson, December 9, 2019. GovernmentCIO.



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