VA RFI: Demand Management Division (DMD) Technology Incubation Services (TIS)

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0094

DMD currently provides a consolidated set of VA enterprise-wide services that will enable VA to capture business needs, architect, engineer, monitor performance, ensure program alignment, and successfully provide cloud solutions in support of VA IT Modernization.

DMD needs to establish a modern digital experience for VA Enterprise needs such as the acceleration/adoption of cloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Microservices, Conversational Platforms (e.g., Alexa, chatbots), Internet of Things (IOT), Application Programing Interface (API), and emerging technologies to modernize service and solution delivery through adoption of DevOps, Product Line Management, and Industry Best Practices/Standards.

The Contractor shall provide Technology Incubation Services support for DMD. Major VA Enterprise support areas include Voice of the Customer, Business Process Reengineering/Transformation, Emerging Business Practices – Technology Support, administrative support, meeting support, communications, onboarding, functional analysis, schedule support, and strategic analysis. Budget/CPIC support is limited to the DMD, including Project Special Forces (PSF).

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