VA RFI: ITWD Professional Development Training Support Services

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0079

The mission of the Talent Management Office’s (TMO), Information Technology Workforce Development (ITWD) is to provide high quality, effective, and efficient professional development and training services to those responsible for providing care to the Veterans at the point-of-care as well as throughout all the points of the Veterans’ health care in an effective, timely, and compassionate manner.

The Contractor shall provide support to ITWD including establishing processes and providing administrative support for the following:  ITWD program review and evaluation, development of milestones, resource allocation, and continual monitoring of milestone progress.  This task also includes quality assurance and technical review data and status collection for ITWD Competency Modeling sustainment and development, training development, training delivery, and scheduling/coordinating the Master Training calendar.

The Contractor shall support and maintain existing Competency Models so that levels, steps, and background/skill sets development will be uniform across VA business units. The Contractor shall provide further refinement and on-going maintenance of the competency model initiatives required to ensure that the program is responsive to internal or external changes or stimuli, and to allow new stakeholders to receive the same outreach, communications, and benefits regarding the competency models.  Additionally, the Contractor shall develop new competency models and professional development programs.

The Contractor shall develop courseware of varying modalities, levels, and interactivity, and facilitate the presentation of course materials to the VA workforce.

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