Winning in Health Podcast: Interview with JR Glass, VP of Business Development, GDIT

“Welcome to the Winning in Health podcast in this new series we’re connecting with high performing growth executives in roles such as Managing Director and Vice President of Sales and Business Development that have achieved $1 billion in sales revenue during the course of your careers. What’s remarkable about these individuals is that they’ve achieved these numbers, not as managers of the team or even through a single large transaction, but as individual contributors who have had multiple deals that comprise this total revenue. At WINNASIUM we study high performers and seek to learn from their extraordinary success.  In this series our guests will help us expose the secrets behind their exceptional performance.”

“In this interview, episode 15 – we will interview JR Glass, Vice President of Business Development with one of the largest government Health IT contractors in the federal contracting space. Today JR will discuss his career progression and we will glean and capture lessons on how he prepares and competes to achieve the results obtained over the course of his career.” Listen to the podcast here.

Source: Episode #15 – $ales Unicorns – The Path to $1B+ – November 22, 2019. Winning in Health.



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