Data Will Be Essential to Agencies’ Missions in 2020 including for VA, HHS

“In 2020, data will become even more crucial to IT and digital services, serving as the foundation of automation and future innovation.”

“Government leaders at the AI and RPA CXO Tech Forum highlighted how data will drive innovation and empower other technologies, including blockchain and virtual reality. With innovation comes security, as data becomes a threat vector in addition to the foundation of modernization…”

“In industry, some predictions for data in 2020 stem from emerging trends in 2019. Data will be the ‘fuel for IT modernization,’ said Splunk Vice President for Public Sector Frank Dimina. These predictions tie closely tie in with emerging trends in 2019, with the opportunities and ways to mitigate risk growing stronger in the new year.”

“2020 is expected to bring the rise of the chief data officer in government. The CDO role will become crucial for federal IT, not only because every agency is federally mandated to have one, but also because agencies will recognize the role in connecting complex datasets to the agency’s mission and in breaking down silos to do so.”

“Cybersecurity will also continue to be a priority in 2020, especially as data becomes all the more critical. Dimina’s second prediction for 2020 trends is that ‘AI and machine learning become a target,’ and attackers may attempt to corrupt or poison the data underlying these technologies. With this new threat vector, the triad of attacks on data will be complete: leaks affect the confidentiality of data, ransomware affects the availability of data, and poisoning affects the integrity of data.”

“While the implications of this prediction are dire, those working with data understand the importance of a proactive defense against these attacks and are planning defenses now…” Read the full article here.

Source: Data Will Be Essential to Agencies’ Missions in 2020 – By James Mersol, January 6, 2020. GovernmentCIO.



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