VA and HHS officials say legislative mandates provide direction on data

“Since the passage of the OPEN Government Data Act, and the Foundations for Evidence Based Policymaking Act, the federal government has been more uniform with guidelines about how agencies are expected to oversee the data they collect and share with other departments.”

“Department of Veterans Affairs Chief Data Officer Kshemendra Paul, speaking at an Association of Government Accountants event last week, said that legislative frameworks reduced the tendency of big government agencies to ‘stovepipe’ their data sets, where large amounts of information sit unused and isolated from other systems where they might be helpful.”

“‘All too often data ends up in programmatic stovepipes, and it’s not managed so you end up with data rot. Key to the CDO role is the idea that now there’s a senior agency official that’s looking at data across its lifecycle.’ Paul added that the data the VA collects is used to analyze things such as budgeting and policy priorities in order to better serve veterans…” Read the full article here.

Source: Legislative mandates provide direction on data – By Lia Russell, January 13, 2020. FCW.



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