HRSA seeking Deputy CISO

As the Deputy Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), you will be the recognized technical expert in IT cybersecurity and provide critical program development and project leadership contributions to OO/OIT’s operation and strategic initiatives.


  • Planning, developing, coordinating, promulgating and assessing Cybersecurity Operations strategy, policy, programs, operational concepts, and initiatives to oversee the functions and staff of the Security Operations Center (SOC) for all IT security monitoring and compliance operations.
  • Assisting the HRSA Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in directing and implementing HRSA Cybersecurity Program to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the HRSA’s IT infrastructure, systems, and sensitive information through the use of appropriately applied security controls.
  • Leading and directing the identification of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to the HRSA infrastructure and sensitive data, and proactively addressing imminent threats to prevent risk exposure and disruption to the HRSA public health mission.
  • Leading in the development of new processes and procedures that are repeatable and consistent across the HRSA Cybersecurity Program and the Security Operations Center Staff to ensure that all workflows, methodologies, and processes align with HRSA mission priorities and strategic objectives.
  • Leading, directing, and overseeing intelligence-driven threat mitigation and capabilities that enables the integration of intelligence, counterintelligence, insider-threat, and operational/cyber security principles.

Read the full job description here.



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