Included below are the Most Viewed Articles for 2019, based on metrics from the G2X Daily Take Newsletter.

JoE Goes Rogue – CMS Justification of Estimates for the Appropriations Committee FY2020
FY2020 JoE was probably one of the most important documents for CMS contractors since the Trump Administration began since it is the first year that Administrator Verma and the Trump Administration has had total control over the budget. Here are some high level, interesting tidbits from this author’s annual analysis.

Catching the Federal Health Wave of Disruption
Accenture Federal Services Managing Director for Federal Health, Jim Traficant, dives into the wave of disruption driving fundamental changes to the $3.6T U.S. Healthcare market and the role the Federal sector will play in this wave of industry transformation.

The Lighter Side of Health IT: Explaining FHIR’s Appeal Across Generations
FHIR. We’ve all heard the buzzword but what promise does it really hold? In this article, Mike Farahbakhshian explains FHIR’s appeal to multiple generations and their specific health needs.

A VA White Paper: Managing IT Software Licenses Through Positive Disruption
Madhavi Nookala, Senior Enterprise Architect, and former Director of the Technology Innovation Program Office, discusses VA’s success in FITARA.

D2D’s Nuts without a DODIN Expert!
The phrase on everyone’s lips at DHITS this year? Desktop to Datacenter, also known as D2D. This multi-award BPA has piqued the interest of integrators, large and small alike. Many of these vendors asked By Light the same question: Why now?

Four Ways AI is Transforming Government Health Services
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are rapidly transforming Healthcare, medical research and health services. This article examines how these technologies also have the power to help Government agencies improve their services while reducing costs.

Coding Matters in Federal Healthcare
Accurate coding has become more important to Government organizations and more valuable to their budgets than ever before. The largest of these include the VA and DoD health agencies. For these organizations, coding matters. Here’s why.

The Lighter Side of Health IT: John Scrum & The Cargo Cult of DevOps
What do Prince Philip and Continuous Delivery have in common? In this article, Mike Farahbakhshian takes on the cargo cult of DevOps.

Three Takeaways from Leading for Impact: Women in Leadership Conference
This article highlights the takeaways from this conference that recognized women, nominated by their peers, for guiding, mentoring, and driving the industry through their impactful leadership; driving technology and business transformation and modernization; and/or leading and embracing the change management required to initiate the next positive disruption that will truly change how Federal agencies support their mission.

FedHealthIT 2020 Winter issue
This edition of the FedHealthIT Magazine features articles including: Digital Transformation and the Role of M&A; The Evolution of Federal Health IT: Contract Vehicles and How to Stay Ahead; An Update on Interoperability with Dr. Lauren Thompson; A Contracting Perspective: “What is Taking Place on the Inside”; 3 Approaches to Better Align Federal Health Systems Integrators and Product Vendors; and more.



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