Nextgov: VA’s Artificial Intelligence Director Details AI Institute’s Early Efforts

“The Veterans Affairs Department’s nascent National Artificial Intelligence Institute is focusing on hammering out policies and streamlining its processes so it can share data with partners in a speedy way.”

“After its initial launch late last year, the agency’s inaugural artificial intelligence director and lead of the center Dr. Gil Alterovitz shared few details with Nextgov about its ultimate aims, but at an event in Washington Wednesday, he expanded on the center’s early intentions and efforts…”

“In its early days, the institute’s insiders are looking at various ways to synergize the agency’s versatile, already-existing efforts deploying the tech and working to create policies that ‘enable AI to be used.’ Alterovitz was a member of the writing team that produced the 2019 Update to the National AI Research and Development Strategic Plan, and also supported the creation of ACT-IAC’s newly released AI and IA playbook for the federal government.”

“The institute also aims to identify new veteran-focused use cases for AI, and Alterovitz added that insiders are already collaborating with other agencies and engaging with stakeholders and others across industry, academia and nonprofits to gain feedback on budding applications to explore.”

“Focused on ‘defining AI’ and honing in on how it can best benefit the VA’s mission, NAII also identified what Alterovitz looks to as five ‘kind key capabilities’ that the agency aims to build capacities around through strategic research and development. According to Alterovitz, those areas include: deep learning, trustworthy AI, privacy preserving AI, explainable AI and multiscale AI analysis…” Read the full article here.

Source: VA’s Artificial Intelligence Director Details AI Institute’s Early Efforts – By Brandi Vincent, January 22, 2020. Nextgov.



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