Partnerships in Focus for Cybersecurity Efforts at Health Agencies including VA, FDA

“As the federal government navigates an evolving cyber-threat landscape, health agency officials are increasing their attention toward expanding workforce recruitment, training and retention efforts to better safeguard personal health information. The main focus of these efforts include cultivating a diverse workforce, as well as raising awareness within and across different agencies of the available shared tools and services available to everyone, health officials said during last week’s Health IT Summit.”

“The Food and Drug Administration is one agency that wants to bring in diverse perspectives to strengthen cyber protection efforts.”

“’We want to have a workforce where everyone’s opinions are valued and respected and are able to contribute to a holistic program where we don’t just have one mindset and one background,’ said Leah Buckley, director of counterintelligence and insider threat at FDA. This includes enticing more women into the short-staffed field and hiring people from various backgrounds and sectors, ranging from students who’ve just graduated from college to active-duty military members, to join its growing cyber teams…”

“To prepare for the next generation of workers, the Department of Veterans Affairs is identifying new ways to improve and train the workforce using the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, noted VA Cyber Workforce Management Director Stephanie Keith.”

“Still, there are gaps in the framework for health security job roles…”

“That’s why Keith’s office has created a Cyber Workforce Development Management Program to identify and define those missing cyber position requirements and goals, as well as a Cyber Training Academy to provide its employees with baseline that can transfer across VA and other agencies.” Read the full article here.

Source: Partnerships in Focus for Cybersecurity Efforts at Health Agencies – By Faith Ryan, January 22, 2020. GovernmentCIO.



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