Press Release: Liberty IT Solutions Awarded $48M Cybersecurity Data Loss Prevention Program Task Order with Veterans Affairs

“Liberty IT Solutions, LLC (Liberty), which specializes in Health Information Technology, has been awarded a 5-year (12-month Base Period plus four 12-month Option Periods), $48 million Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Program Task Order (TO). The goal for this TO is to strengthen VA’s overall cybersecurity standing with improved information technology infrastructure using an upgraded DLP system to enhance VA’s mission. This TO will develop recommendations for protecting the data stored and transmitted across a broad range of technologies including mobile and medical devices, VA Enterprise Cloud, and software defined networks, which are all components of VA’s enterprise architecture. Liberty will carry out this work under the guidance of the Office of Information Security (OIS).”

“Liberty, in collaboration with Armavel, i4DM, and Northrup Grumman, will support VA in preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Veteran and VA information. The security expertise of the team in the DLP domain across multiple federal and local agencies will produce a delivery team focused on identifying and analyzing areas of improvement for VA’s cybersecurity posture.”

“Liberty CEO, Bill Greene, says of the win: “Our team is thrilled to partner with VA on the DLP program. The work on this Task Order aligns with Liberty’s capabilities, and we will use our DLP expertise to strengthen VA’s overall cybersecurity standing. Veteran and VA data must be protected against cybersecurity threats, and Liberty is honored to take a leading role in the creation of a VA Enterprise DLP program.”

“With expertise in cybersecurity and in establishing DLP programs, Liberty, alongside our partners, will develop and assist VA in implementing an Enterprise DLP program that will improve the privacy and security of VA data across hundreds of thousands of devices covering millions of Veterans and their dependents.” Read the full press release here.

Source: Liberty IT Solutions Awarded $48M Cybersecurity Data Loss Prevention Program Task Order – January 9, 2020. PRWeb.



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