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Our team at G2X and FedHealthIT believe in supporting your missions, in providing the information and tools you need to succeed. We also believe in community, our direct connections and the larger world we are all connected to. This year we want to do more to help you, and the community at large.

G2X has always supported charitable organizations that are important to our community by providing advertising and sponsorship. But we know we can and should be doing more.

Now that 2020 is underway and everyone has had a chance to catch their breath and settle back in, we need your help. We want to know from you which charitable organizations your company gets behind that make a real impact for U.S. Citizens, our Veterans and Warriors, our seniors and caregivers, our families and our children.

What will G2X do with this information?

G2X and FedHealthIT will be developing a dedicated page on our websites to list the charities and to encourage both monetary and volunteer support for these groups.

To have an organization added for consideration, email us at heather@g2xchange.com with the name of the charity, a one sentence overview of the group, its website, and why you believe it should be included.

Thank You!



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