VA RFQ: Database Support for Energy Management Program Service (EMPS)

Solicitation: 36E77620Q0041

“OAEM’s Energy Management Program Service (EMPS) collects, tracks and analyzes energy project information for both direct funded projects and financed performance contracts. Over the years, the system for maintaining and reporting project information has been improved and modified. It now contains current and historical information on EMPS projects through the contracting and construction processes, as well as completion/acceptance information where applicable.”

The Contractor shall provide support for EMPS use of the project tracking system by troubleshooting and correcting issues as they arise and making minor improvements to the system and the reports it generates. The Contractor shall also train selected VA staff on relevant aspects of the system so that they are able to troubleshoot and address minor issues in the future.

The Contractor shall comply with all applicable VA requirements in the performance of this effort.

Below are the known improvements needed:

  1. Allow for negative numeric values in various formats to upload properly from affiliated spreadsheet for both base contracts and modifications. The MS Access project tracking system features a data upload link to the spreadsheet that is not working properly.
  2. Update all project tracking system reports to include new contracts and modifications.
  3. Update all project tracking system reports to show new contracts and modifications in sequential order.

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