GovernmentCIO: These Were the IT-Driven Improvements at HHS in 2019

“The Department of Health and Human Services reported significant strides it made in digital services, data initiatives and IT modernization in health care in its 2019 annual report published last week.”

“The report highlights how HHS expanded and created several digital platforms, portals and services across its component agencies to accomplish goals like empowering patients with their own health information, tackling the opioid epidemic, easing the process of making health care payments, and enrolling for Medicare and Medicaid services.”

“HHS reported that in 2019 it also expanded data-driven projects. These have ranged from using data to mitigate fraud, waste and abuse of Medicare payments to discovering more information on health crises like the opioid epidemic with data-backed research.”

“Major IT innovations, such as improving network speed and connectivity with HHS’s new Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract, modernizing and securing health data with the move to cloud platforms, and IT acquisition reform have also driven efficiencies across HHS in 2019.”

“HHS spotlights a myriad projects, initiatives and reported successes from 2019. GovernmentCIO Media & Research took the time to highlight the most important and successful IT-driven items throughout the report…” Read the full article here.

Source: These Were the IT-Driven Improvements at HHS in 2019 – By Melissa Harris, February 12, 2020. GovernmentCIO.



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