Halfaker Raising the Bar for Customer Satisfaction at VA

“Customer Experience (CX) and its components are hot topics in IT and business right now, with terms like ‘customer journey,’ ‘brand touchpoints,’ and ‘customer environments’ flooding tech articles and best practice lists. In theory, centering your solutions around customer experience should result in solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations—but how do you actually measure customer satisfaction?”

“In a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront, measuring CX is straightforward. During face-to-face customer interactions, employees can easily gather insight into happiness or frustration based on facial expressions, body language, and verbal cues. Digital solutions like websites, on the other hand, eliminate these visual and verbal clues, so we must turn to new tools and techniques for CX measurement. In our experience, directed surveys are the best CX measurement mechanism…”

Halfaker Surveys in Action at VA

“As the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and other Agencies continue to focus on improving customer experience, the use of targeted surveys and customer inquiries gather millions of customer inputs across interaction types. To boost CX success at VA, Halfaker pairs our best practices with the Medallia Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform. We tailor our survey questions to each MTM within the VA lines of business to gather Veteran feedback aligned to specific interaction type and business needs. For example, if a Veteran completes a physical therapy session at a VA medical center, her post-visit survey includes questions regarding length of wait time, communication by medical staff, or ease of parking at the facility. The Medallia platform automatically generates, delivers, receives, and analyzed feedbacks to identify trends and drive positive change in VA services. Using built-in artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, we quickly detect negative interactions before they become systemic issues that have the potential to negatively impact entire Veteran populations…” Read the full article here.

Source: CX Solutions: Raising the Bar for Customer Satisfaction – Halfaker & Associates.



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