Jacksonville Market strengthens medical readiness, patients’ health

“The Jacksonville Market is on the leading edge of the Military Health System’s historic change, following the Market’s certification by the Defense Health Agency on Jan. 30, 2020. By standing up the Jacksonville Market, DHA supports collaboration across the Market’s hospital and clinics…”

“The Jacksonville Market serves 163,000 beneficiaries (active duty, retired military, and families), including about 72,000 patients who are enrolled with a primary care manager. The Market includes six facilities: Naval Hospital Jacksonville, Naval Branch Health Clinic Albany, Naval Branch Health Clinic Jacksonville, Naval Branch Health Clinic Key West, Naval Branch Health Clinic Kings Bay, and Naval Branch Health Clinic Mayport.”

“As a readiness and health platform, the Jacksonville Market builds a medically ready force, a ready medical force, and a healthy patient population. In support of the readiness mission, the Market provides services to active duty and operational units, to ensure warfighters’ medical readiness to deploy and fight tonight. The Market also provides a medical force that’s ready to deploy and save lives tonight on Department of Defense missions around the world. In support of the health mission, the Market provides care for active duty, retired military, and families. That care includes an expanding portfolio of innovative approaches, such as virtual visits.”

“As part of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, the Military Health System is transitioning the administration and management of all military hospitals and clinics to DHA. To do so effectively, DHA chose a ‘market approach,’ based on the six enhanced Multi-Service Markets already in place. Markets are groups of hospitals and clinics working together in a geographic area, operating as a system to support the sharing of patients, staff, functions, budget, and more across all market facilities…” Read the full article here.

Source: Jacksonville Market strengthens medical readiness, patients’ health – By Jeanne Casey, February 5, 2020. Military Health System.



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