Outgoing HHS CTO Ed Simcox: Reflections on Three Years with the Office of the CTO

“After proudly serving as Chief Technology Officer at HHS, I have accepted an offer to move back to the private sector. This is a difficult decision for me. With that said, I’m excited about the next chapter and look forward to bringing my experiences to a growing, exciting part of the health sector…”

“In weighing the decision to leave, I had the comfort of knowing that so much has been accomplished over the past three years in the Office of the CTO…”

“Here are a few of the team’s accomplishments from the past year:”

“The Data Insights Initiative is driving HHS-wide evidence-based decision-making through the better use of data. Resounding support from across HHS has made this initiative possible…”

“KidneyX is an outstanding example of how public-private partnerships can accelerate innovation…”

“The Lyme Innovation Initiative promotes the use of innovation and partnerships to address the serious and growing threat of tick-borne disease in the United States…”

“Our Indian Health Service Health IT Modernization project developed a legacy assessment, analysis of alternatives and IT roadmap in consultation with IHS to modernize its Health IT program…”

“In partnership with CDC, the Consumer Access to Immunization Records initiative makes it easier for consumers to access online immunization records…”

“Last but not least, the Ignite Accelerator continues to give HHS staff the opportunity to experiment, test, and validate solutions to key departmental challenges using design thinking and human-centered design…” Read the full article here.

Source: Reflections on Three Years with the Office of the CTO – By Ed Simcox, February 11, 2020. HHS Office of the Chief Technology Officer.



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