It was recently announced that ISeeYouCare entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Unissant, Inc. for its Universal Smart Health Card Data Management System. In addition to expanding ISeeYouCare’s footprint in the State and Federal Healthcare space, Unissant will also provide operational and maintenance technical support services in support of all collaborative deployments. FedHealthIT’s President, Susan Sharer, had the opportunity to sit down with Unissant President & Chief Growth Officer, Ken Bonner, for an up-close look at this innovative product.

An Overview

The SHCDMS utilizes smart-chip technology in conjunction with the VLPHR system, a cloud-based universal personal health records system that is owned and controlled by the patient/consumer and which is C-CDA, CCD, CDA, CCR and XML capable. Medical records are then pulled from every certified Electronic Health Record System in North America using the consumer’s access to their patient portals with each provider. The records are parsed, normalized and aggregated into one unified medical record onto a smart chip embedded in the card. It is now made available to every provider at any point of care. Ultimately it means that all of the information you have access to from all of your various patient portals can be presented in a longitudinal fashion. Collecting all of the data from all of the disparate EHR systems that might currently hold it, including TRICARE Online and VA My HealtheVet/Blue Button, the system puts the information quite literally into the hands of the consumer/patient so they own it and have control over its sharing.

There is also a function to download the data in a variety of formats, to store it on other devices, or to share it with a provider or institution. You are able to see surgical history, encounters, master problem list, procedures, immunizations, lab results and there is also the opportunity to input data you may be personally tracking at home such as blood pressure and glucose.

The Smart Health Card

With the card, all of the data is contained on a chip so there is also the opportunity for providers to pull up a client application, authenticate their own access as a provider, authenticate the patient’s insurance eligibility, and to be able to access the data stored on the card’s chip and in the cloud. At the end of the visit, the system prompts the provider to send the current visit details, in CCDA format, so not only does the patient have access to everything up to that time, but the provider is adding to the continuity of care record.

The Future

A lot of what others are doing is based on APIs. This approach is more complete, pulling medical records information to include all 17 sections of the HL7 CCD standard that all certified EHRs must comply with, which ensures providers have all the information they need at the point of care. Patient/caregivers are given ownership of their data with the control to share or send it where they decide and have the information necessary to be more engaged in their own care. It provides a solution to the issue with receiving a clear and legible report back from the provider to the primary care manager (i.e., MHS purchased care).

The VLPHR empowers the patient/caregiver with access and control of their own data and provides for continuity of care/transition of care using existing technology and standards.  The system is already connected to all the major commercial EHR systems as well as TRICARE Online and My HealtheVet. I know it works because I’m a customer and user of the VLPHR. I have access to all my medical records, including TRICARE, data in one place and access to data my patient portals do not provide (i.e., care plans). It is easy to deploy and simple to submit a request for access to patient portals not in the master database. The SHCDMS provides for transition of care and continuity of care between all the providers delivering medical care to the patient while reducing cost by eliminating duplicate tests or procedures.

About ISeeYouCare

ISeeYouCare, Inc. is a software development and Telemedicine/Telehealth solutions provider for the Healthcare industry. Over the last ten years, the company has developed the largest eco-system of patient-centric, data-driven Healthcare solutions of its kind. Its commitment to developing and advocating for change in the US Healthcare System is unrivaled as evidenced by the development of some of the most disruptive technologies in the world.

About Unissant, Inc.

Unissant is a Data-Driven Digital Transformation and Cyber Security Company with expertise in Healthcare and health IT, finance, national security, and energy. The company delivers innovative solutions to assist Government agencies and private sector businesses in tackling their biggest challenges. Founded in 2006, Unissant is a Prime contractor on various Government vehicles such as CIO-SP3, GSA PSS, GSA Health IT SIN, and GSA 8(a) STARS II and is a CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001 & 27001 certified company headquartered in Herndon, Virginia with a satellite office in San Antonio, Texas. In March 2017, Unissant received the Government Project of the Year award by Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF).



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