DHS to award Contract for Medical Public Health Information Sharing Environment (MPHISE) for COVID-19 Response

Solicitation Number: 70RWMD20Q00000009

“OPO/CWMDAD intends to limit the number of sources solicited for the procurement of a collaborative cloud-based platform and subject matter experts to engage, inform, coordinate, and support the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic for medical and healthcare partners across the Federal State Local Tribal Territorial & Private (FSLTT) space, including international partners to Efiia Consulting LLC.”

“The requirement is for subject matter experts (SMEs) to support a Medical Public Health Information Sharing Environment (MPHISE) for use by external medical and public health (MPH) professionals to securely collaborate with designated Federal government representatives tasked with providing the national and international response to containing and mitigating the COVID-19 virus which is currently growing at an exponential rate. CWMD further requires support for the configuration, governance, and strategy to build the intended MPHISE community with adoption and system usage rates necessary for preparing for a nationally coordinated response effort.”

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