Federal News Network Newscast: Telework cybersecurity guidance could be on the way

“A huddle between agencies may have yielded new cybersecurity guidance for teleworking federal employees. Jeff Greene, the director of National Institute of Standards and Technology’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, says the agency has met with Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency officials on ways to fill in some of the cyber gaps in telework guidance. Greene says any guidance would reflect updates in new telework technology and practices. NIST last week gave advice to organizations on how to keep virtual meetings secure during the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Looking for a silver lining in the coronavirus threat, check out the performance of federal technology systems. The fact that so many agencies moved to the cloud for things like email and collaboration tools is one of the saving graces that is keeping the government running…. Kent says agencies and vendors stress tested networks and upgraded them to prepare for the larger than normal number of teleworkers.” Listen to the newscast here.

Source: Telework cybersecurity guidance could be on the way – By Eric White, March 24, 2020. Federal News Network.



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