In advance of competition, IHS OIT awards RPMS Configuration Support and Management Team (CSMT) Support bridge contract

Solicitation: 75H70420F80007

The purpose of this acquisition is to acquire services to perform the following services in support of Indian Health Services (IHS) Resource and Patient Management Services (RPMS).

  • Acknowledge and respond to Tier 3 services request initiated by federal, tribal and urban RPMS system customers using the IHS Information Technology Service Management System (ITSM) solution.
  • Resolve and document the service provided and issue resolution of the service request within the ITSM.
  • Provide Tier 3 technical hardware configuration and/or operating systems infrastructure consultation to Health Information Technology application developers.
  • Resolve High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP), OS and interoperability issues, and as necessary co-ordinate with hardware or software vendors…

RESPEC/Alliant is the incumbent for the contract This company is familiar with current IHS RPMS software, user support and training activities and their performance of work is acceptable and all contract personnel have appropriate security clearances to conduct the work. The requirement is to be re-competed in March of 2020, and competing for a bridge order and attaining personnel clearances for a short term contract will cause an interruption in service putting the Government at risk, as well as deploying RPMS software that would fail or produce inaccurate patient data.

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