Medical Pandemic cited as reason for DHS to extend Workers Compensation – Medical Case Management Services (WC-MCMS) contract

Solicitation Number: FY20-0085

Award Number: 70RDAD20A00000005

“DHS/OPO intends to limit the number of sources solicited pursuant to FAR Part 8.405-6(a) for the procurement of DHS-wide worker’s compensation (WC) medical case management services (MCMS) support for the Office of the Human Capital Officer (OCHCO). The proposed contractor is:

Managed Care Advisors, Inc.
7700 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 750
Bethesda, MD 20814
GSA FSS No.: GS-02F-0128W”

“This requirement is to obtain continued Enterprise-Wide support for the Department of Homeland Security Workers Compensation Medical Case Management Services (WC-MCMS) program and assure timely and successful return of DHS employees to the workforce. The WC-MCMS encompasses: (1) Injury Care Support Services; (2) Medical Case Management Services; and (3) an Information Technology (IT) Solution (Services and capabilities) that encompasses an existing (operational) Case and Reporting Management Information System (MIS). The period of performance is a six (6) month base followed by a six (6) month option period3…”

“… WC-MCMS support provides centralized processes, procedures, and IT services that would ensure successful processing of WC claims, timely and successful return of DHS employees to the workforce. Should the Government fail to have a DHS-wide vehicle in place, there will be unacceptable delays in fulfilling the agency’s requirements. While the original BPA expired in March of 2019, each of the Components were able to issue task orders against that BPA which could extend up to one year beyond the expiration of that BPA. Those Task Orders are now expiring at the end of March 2020.”

“However, it is essential that services continue for HQ and each of the Components until the new BPA can be awarded. The country is currently experiencing a medical pandemic and the President has declared a national emergency. One of the services provided by the WC-MCMS is to provide reporting and assistance to those experiencing medical issues such as the current pandemic, the COVID-19. Awarding a short term DHS-wide BPA will allow the Components to continue to leverage economies of scale in procuring these services as well as allow for any transition services that may be needed…”

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