“The National Institute of Mental Health , Information Resource and Technology Management Branch (IRTMB) is seeking a Supervisory IT Specialist (CIO). The IRTMB serves as the Institute’s focal point for Information Technology (IT) services.” 


  • Represents the organization and provides leadership in planning the deployment of systems benefiting the organization. 
  • Consults with senior leadership and staff on the application of IT and software to research, administration and management activities within the organization. 
  • Develops and evaluates IT policy, standards, systems and procedures 
  • Responsible for designing and implementing an organizational-wide cyber-infrastructure based on open standards for computing.” 

Read the full job description here.   

G2X TAKE: Those who support the National Institutes of Health, may want to influence who applies for this role to serve as Chief Information Officer leading the Information Resource and Technology Management Branch (IRTMB), which serves as a focal point for NIDCD IT services. 


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