Podcast: Federal response at VA and HHS to the coronavirus is in full swing

“Health and Human Services’ command center is ramping up to track the spread of and the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus. HHS is leading the interagency task force, which held its first meeting yesterday. The command center provides real-time data on the spread of the disease. It also helps task force leader HHS Secretary Alex Azar decide to suspend travel to certain countries, initiate quarantines and declare a public health emergency.”

“Veterans Affairs says it has what it needs to handle the spread of Coronavirus, at least for now. VA is a part of the task force monitoring the spread of the virus in the U.S. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie says the department been in touch with its healthcare workforce about the Coronavirus. But no specific message to veterans about how they should prepare. VA says it’s also checking its medical supply chain ahead of a possible nationwide pandemic.” Listen to the podcast here.

Source: Federal response to the coronavirus is in full swing – By Eric White, February 28, 2020. Federal News Network.



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