Press Release: B3 Awarded VAAA Informatics and Program Support Contract

“B3 was awarded a task order with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) Office of the Chancellor and Program Management School for Informatics and Program/Project Support (IPPS). This $15M, five-year contract is to provide project and data management support for projects within the VAAA and the centralized Office of the Chancellor program management office (PMO). As a current provider at the VAAA facility, B3 will continue its support and increase the delivery of program objectives through data-driven decisions and reporting by communicating the program’s successes to stakeholders.”

“’B3 has been working at the VAAA for several years now supporting various requirements so with our institutional knowledge and technical understanding we welcome this opportunity to assist the Chancellor’s Office by helping leadership manage and access data that will allow them to make impactful business decisions,’ said Kevin Rice, Chief Operating Officer…” Read the full press release here.

Source: B3 Awarded VAAA Informatics and Program Support Contract – March 23, 2020. B3 Group.



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