VA Chief Modernization Officer says technology is radically improving care for Veterans

“… VA is answering these questions and dozens more by transforming its technology systems to create foundational change. Part of its three-pillar approach to modernization, VA is leveraging innovative technologies, both in-house and commercial off-the-shelf solutions, to provide veterans with personalized medical care that addresses their individual needs, and the results for veterans and their families are amazing.”

“Improving care through technology

Advances in technology affect every aspect of our lives, from how we interact with one another to the products we rely upon. Some of the most important technological developments take place in the field of medicine, radically transforming the quality of care patients receive now and in the future.”

“Using cutting-edge tools such as 3D-printing and virtual and augmented reality, clinicians are able to treat patients in ways that were unimaginable in previous decades. The StrongMind initiative, for example, leverages VR gaming to treat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, providing a safe and supportive environment for processing trauma and opening up about their experiences. Breakthroughs in AR technology are also now enabling doctors in the U.S. to virtually “step into” field hospitals and assist physicians, in real-time, when treating wounded service members. This augments critical skills and expertise, without losing crucial time.”

“Some of the biggest breakthroughs in healthcare delivery, though, have come in the field of…” Read the full article here.

Source: Technology is radically improving care for veterans – By Surafeal Asgedom, March 23, 2020. Healthcare IT News.



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