VA RFI: Infrastructure as a Managed Service (IaaMS)

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0186

VA Information Technology Operations and Service (ITOPS), has a requirement for a managed service solution (MSS) for storage, compute, and network infrastructure at facilities across the United States and abroad. The MSS will allow VA to deploy storage and computer infrastructure when and where it is needed.

IaaMS will be used predominantly to replace existing storage and compute platforms as they reach end of life (EOL) status.  This will result in a phased approach that requires approximately 20 petabytes (PB) of on-premise capacity upon award and 50+ petabytes of additional capacity over the period of performance (POP).  IaaMS may be further leveraged for new compute and storage requirements that arise during the POP.

The initial award for storage infrastructure modernization will replace legacy Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Imaging (VI) storage systems located at 145 facilities.  Reference Attachment A – Facility-Specific Quantities, Capacities, and Locations.  This infrastructure stores approximately 40PB of data today with an annualized growth rate exceeding 17%.  VA intends to replace this architecture with approximately 20PB of on-premise storage and 20PB of cloud-based storage.

The contract will be leveraged to move VA toward a standardized service delivery model that eliminates application-specific infrastructure silos, leverages cloud-based storage capabilities, and implements industry best practices for storage in geographically dispersed facilities. The VA intends to utilize this contract to replace several discrete architectures over the period of performance. The total addressable storage in the VA is in excess of 140 petabytes.

Additionally, VA seeks a flexible contract that incorporates technical insertion capability, permitting the addition of new storage, compute, and networking technologies and incorporating updated pricing over the course of the contract lifecycle.

The Contractor shall provide managed services including the design, documentation, provisioning, installation, and initial configuration of storage, compute, and networking hardware.  The Contractor shall further provide day-to-day management and data migration services for specified datasets.

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