VA RFI: VBA Performance Testing Services

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0218

The Contractor shall analyze and conduct performance testing of system software and hardware infrastructure changes and upgrades.  The Contractor shall conduct performance testing on VBA Client-Server, VBA Web-based, Batch, Chapter 33, and VRM/CRM applications.  The Contractor shall also provide capacity projections based on the testing conducted on the VBA Performance (VBAPERF) Test Systems

The Contractor shall provide phase-in transition and orientation support.  The Contractor shall develop and document a transition plan in the CPMP to transition tasks and materials to the Contractor.  The Contractor shall present the details of the transition plan at the technical kickoff meeting.  After COR concurrence, the Contractor shall monitor the execution of the transition plan.  The Contractor shall provide phase-in transition planning to include the following:

  • Roster of key Points of Contact (POCs) with name, role, email address, and telephone numbers.
  • Transition timeline with key milestones.
  • Procedural manuals/guidelines…

The Contractor shall coordinate all performance testing on the VBAPERF Test System with the VA COR, HITC/AITC/PITC VBAPERF staff and with other external entities who interface with VBA Corporate and need to test against the environment.

The Contractor shall provide a Test Plan and Test Schedule.  The Test Plan and Test Schedule shall outline the test approach and planned activities for the performance testing required in the effort.  Specifically, the Contractor shall develop, in conjunction with business and technical stakeholders (Product Development, Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE), EO, Region 5, PITC), the Test Plans and Test Schedule documenting the relative mix of use cases and their frequency of execution. Each test in the Test Plan shall represent a single operating scenario, (i.e. likely third quarter peak hour peak day, 40% above likely third quarter peak hour peak day, etc). The Test Plan shall be reviewed with technical and business stakeholders and concurrence secured.  The Contractor shall provide a Test Plan with content similar to Applicable Document 5, Load/Performance Test Plan…

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