VA to get $19.6B under latest emergency coronavirus funding package

“The Department of Defense is poised to get another $10.5 billion in emergency funding and the Department of Veterans Affairs another $19.6 billion as part of a $2 trillion package designed to blunt the economic impact of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak throughout America.”

“The money includes $1.4 billion in direct funding for National Guard deployments to help state governments respond to emerging health needs, $1.5 billion for the expansion of military hospitals and mobile medical centers if needed, and $1 billion for the Defense Department to help with production of medical supplies running short because of the pandemic.”

“The measure — which if passed would be the third major coronavirus response by Congress this month — also includes provisions to deliver billions of dollars to hospitals, new state and local government support, expanded unemployment compensation and massive business loans, all designed to help stabilize the economy amid unprecedented social shut-downs to curb the virus spread…”

“Within VA, the majority of the money — nearly $15.9 billion — will be used for direct care specifically in response to veterans health needs.”

“’This covers treatment of veterans nationwide for coronavirus within VA hospitals as well as in community urgent care clinics and emergency rooms,’ a bill summary stated. ‘These funds allow VA to cover overtime for their clinical staff, the purchase of personal protective equipment, test kits, and other necessary equipment to manage the impacts of this pandemic among the veteran population.’”

“Another $3.1 billion will be set aside for new telemedicine efforts within VA, including staffing and equipping mobile treatment sites and ‘remodeling to VA facilities and state run veterans homes to address the needs of veterans being treated for coronavirus.’” Read the full article here.

Source: Latest emergency coronavirus funding package includes tens of billions for defense, VA – By Leo Shane III, March 25, 2020. Military Times.



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