AHRQ Sources Sought: Patient Safety Organization Privacy Protection Center (PSOPPC) and Network of Patient Safety Databases (NPSD) Systems

Solicitation: HHS-AHRQ-SBSS-20-10010

AHRQ is seeking qualified and experienced organizations that are able to optimize their technical and management resources, creativity and flexibility to achieve the Agency goals related to the Patient Safety Act, the Patient Safety Rule, the PSOPPC, and the NPSD. Qualified organizations must have substantial experience with: development of large scale, cloud-based database systems for patient safety and healthcare quality data; development of standardized definitions, data elements and reporting formats for patient safety event reporting; statistical analysis expertise in non-identification methods; logistical support for meetings of approximately 180 attendees; and the ability to receive, process, and, maintain data at FIPS category moderate.

In order to meet AHRQ’s objectives, these are the general requirements of this contract: provide guidance to PSOs in the use of Common Formats; render patient safety event information non-identifiable; track and maintain data use agreement with PSOs; establish software certification processes; provide technical assistance to PSOs on various data submission methods, the AHRQ Common Formats, the PSO Annual Meeting, as well as training and outreach activities; establish project management strategies for rendering Information Technology architect, infrastructure, and enterprise solutions; enhance and maintain a data visualization application of complex data; conduct data analyses on patient safety and quality improvement data; and implement a transition plan for smooth operation of the PSOPPC and NPSD Systems without any problems or interruption of operations during the transition period.

Other requirements that are specific to both Systems are defined below:


This project’s requirements for the PSOPPC System are to make sure data submission and data flow from PSOs to the PSOPPC System are smooth and uninterrupted; collaborate with PSOs to receive patient safety and quality data; render patient safety work product (the data) non-identifiable in compliance with requirements of the Patient Safety Rule (42 CFR section 3.212); and, transfer the non-identifiable data/information securely and efficiently to the NPSD System.

NPSD System

One of the requirements is to maintain the NPSD System and implement it in accordance to the HHS and AHRQ IT data security and authority to operate regulations, including maintaining FedRAMP certification. Other requirements identified are: conduct data analysis; convert analyses into useful information; and, develop periodic reports and dashboards to provide a complete assessment of patient safety adverse events based on the non-identifiable analyses.  This includes rendering the data using AHRQ’s data visualization tool Tableau.  This will require appropriate technical skills and experience using visualization tools and an understanding of and experience with large (national), aggregate sets of patient safety reporting data.

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