CMS to Modify Contract for RFI repository database task

Solicitation Number: 201389

Award Number: GS00F008DA

“The action proposed by this Limited-Source Justification is a modification to add a Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) to an existing task order whose period of performance has expired but that has not been closed.”

“The purpose of this task order was to require support Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) with the development of an enterprise planning and performance strategy to transform the use of agency resources to meet Agency goals.”

“The contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH), developed and performed several key functions to support these goals. Two distinct activities performed were an Impact Analysis and development of a Request for Information (RFI) repository.”

“The RFI repository database was built and maintained by BAH, during the course of the task order. CMS did not require BAH to produce the technical specs and instructional documents regarding how to maintain the database as deliverables under the original task order. CMS now understands that we must have the technical specs and instructions on how to update and maintain tables, queries, forms and reports in order to maintain the press which has been established for the database.”

“To obtain the necessary specs and instructional documentation, CMS will modify the task order to require BAH to document and deliver the following items: A technical spec manual, that documents the relationship databases and how to append them with additional comments, including; Data Calls, listening sessions, additional RFI comments, and any other data gathered by the Burden reduction team that fits into either the Burden Action tracker or the RFI Briefing metrics.”

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