Healthcare IT News: New HHS rule calls for FHIR use cases to aid data exchange

“New interoperability final rules expected to be published this week will expand use of application programming interfaces that make use of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standards.”

“The new rules will feature the use of two approaches that have been developed by the Da Vinci Project, a private-sector initiative that’s seeking to use FHIR to improve data sharing in value-based care activities involving providers, payers and patients.”

“The inclusion of requirements for data sharing in the new rule lines up closely with two Da Vinci Project use cases for which implementation guides have been developed, said Alexandra Mugge, Deputy Chief Health Informatics Officer at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.”

“Mugge participated in an online roundtable event of the Da Vinci Project, one of several accelerator programs of HL7, a standards organization that has developed FHIR as a standard that makes it easier to exchange health data.”

“The inclusion of the use cases in the rule is important because it underscores the federal agencies’ efforts to promote the use of FHIR in standardized approaches that can be shared among various organizations in the healthcare industry.”

“‘The CMS rule, in particular, creates a lot of new opportunities to expand API usage across the healthcare industry,’ Mugge said. Initial requirements in the final rule will prompt payers to use APIs to enable faster data exchange with patients and with other payers.”

“However, federal agencies have given the industry some breathing room, acknowledging the enormous priority shifts required of health systems, provider organizations and payers in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic…” Read the full article here.

Source: New HHS rule calls for FHIR use cases to aid data exchange – By Fred Bazzoli, April 28, 2020. Healthcare IT News.



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