Podcast: VHA’s Dr. Richard stone offers advice during the pandemic

“As we began to see in January the evolution of this virus…we began reorienting ourselves to our inpatient responsibilities and to the potential that the nation would need us to be its backstop in a healthcare system.”

“Dr. Richard Stone’s job title is as clear and direct as the man who occupies it. As the executive in charge of the Veterans Health Administration, the nation’s largest integrated healthcare system, he carries the awesome responsibility of protecting the health of 9 million veterans and 360,000 employees. “

“A combat veteran himself, he offers simple advice to address a worrying trend: “Early on in this pandemic, we began to see veterans canceling their mental health visits….If you know any family member, any friend, who is going through intense social isolation, pick up the phone today.” Listen or access the transcript here.

Source: Episode 31: Backstop, with the Veterans Health Administration’s Richard Stone – April 29, 2020. Milken Institute.



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