POLITICO: HHS delays interoperability rules, officially

“As we’ve warned before, HHS is delaying enforcement of major parts of its landmark interoperability rules.”

“Parts of the CMS rule — like the admissions, discharge and transfer data-feed requirements — will be delayed as much as six months; parts of the ONC rule — such as the patient API requirements — will be pushed back three months or so.”

“The delay is tugging along an interesting caboose: a proposed OIG rule on enforcement for information blocking. The agency says it won’t enforce information blocking penalties until 60 days after the final rule — that is, likely quite some time from now. The agency is seeking comments on how the coronavirus should affect information blocking enforcement; comments on the proposed rule are due 60 days from publishing in the Federal Register.”

“The idea of a delay had divided the health care sector: Many providers had said complying with the rules was unfeasible given the multiplying burdens of the coronavirus pandemic. But data-sharing advocates felt the rules were needed now more than ever…” Read the full article here.

Source: HHS delays interoperability rules, officially – By Darius Tahir, April 22, 2020. POLITICO.



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