Press Release: NewWave Welcomes Mike Canino to Leadership Team as Senior Director of Proposal Operations

NewWave Telecom and Technologies, Inc. (“NewWave”), a full-service Information Technology (IT), Business Services and Data Management company specializing in developing mission-critical Healthcare IT solutions using state-of-the-art technologies, announces Mike Canino will join NewWave’s Growth Team as Senior Director of Proposal Operations.

Mr. Canino brings expert experience in leading and orchestrating proposal endeavors, most recently at Integrated Solutions Management, Inc. (ISM) as Director of Federal Capture and Proposals. At ISM, Canino led rigorous strategic targeting, pursuit and capture efforts. He also leveraged his delivery, solutions architecture and project management experience to organize and streamline processes for the Business Development, Sales, and Technical teams.

In his new role, Mike Canino will work with NewWave’s Growth and Proposal Team to manage, coordinate, produce and execute proposal responses. As a key member of NewWave’s leadership team, Canino will support the company’s mission to empower our customers, other technologists and innovators to leverage leading-edge technologies and create new solutions to make the world a better place as we prepare for the next wave of value-based, healthcare information technology. Mike holds a B.S. from Earlham College, a M.A. from the University of Arizona and an MBA in Management Consulting and Global Strategy from Cornell University.

“My first federal government consulting role was at the National Institutes of Health, and I have enormous respect for both the science and the operations involved in improving health outcomes for Americans. When I was ready to level up my career, I was really excited to learn about NewWave’s healthcare IT mission and strong, inclusive culture.” -Mike Canino | Sr. Director of Proposal Operations

Source: NewWave Welcomes Mike Canino to Leadership Team as Senior Director of Proposal Operations – April 29, 2020. NewWave.

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