VA awards contract for National Data Systems (NDS) Health Information Access (HIA) Services to Book Zurman

Updated April 24, 2020

Solicitation: 36C77620Q0042

Contract Number 36C77620P0077

Solicitation 36C77620Q0042 was posted to on February 2, 2020 to be reviewed by industry for purposes of submitting a proposal.  Seven (7) proposals were received and an award was made to Book Zurman, who was the lowest priced technically acceptable offeror at a total price of $2,849,138.74.

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Updated February 11, 2020

Solicitation: 36C77620Q0042

The Contractor shall manage regional (Veteran Integrated Service Networks – VISNs) and national access to VHA health information resources. These services include: data access requests, help desk support, data access process support, and data sharing agreements.

NDS customers include, but are not limited to, clinicians, researchers, peer reviewers, legal reviewers, GAO, Veteran Service Organizations (VSO).

The Contractor shall be involved in information gathering and documentation development related to VHA data access. The Contractor shall assist with continuous improvement of existing processes and tools for VHA data access on a quarterly basis. The Contractor shall assist NDS in managing new initiatives or innovations that improve how VA processes VHA Data Access requests, which is driven by customer need. At a minimum, supervisory and/or lead Contractor staff shall regularly participate in all designated weekly, monthly, and ad hoc staff, workgroup, and access-related meetings and/or conference calls.

The contractor shall review all data access requests to ensure all required paperwork has been submitted and meets VHA policy requirements for data access approval. The Contractor shall be responsible for all processes in the provisioning of access to VHA data based on the data sources requested and enter the requests into a VA developed tracking system. All data access requests shall involve customer service-based interaction, with timely feedback to end users about status of request, missing documentation, and when the researcher may expect data after request is approved. Contractor must complete all requests within three business days from the date of receipt and comply with the standard operating procedures (SOP).

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Posted February 7, 2020

Solicitation Number: 36C77620Q0042

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Program Contracting Activity Central (PCAC) anticipates soliciting proposals and subsequently awarding a single award, Firm-Fixed-Price contract in support of National Data Systems (NDS) using FAR Parts 12 and 13 procedures for this project.”

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