VA RFI: DMAD (Data Management and Analysis Directorate)

Solicitation: 36C10B20Q0241

A core mission of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Information  Technology (OIT), Quality, Performance and Risk (QPR), Data Management and Analytics Directorate (DMAD) is to capture and deploy relevant performance management data in a balanced-scorecard (BSC) framework to  support decision-making by providing  insights and visibility into a range of indicators associated with operational efficiencies and effectiveness, particularly those related to  business processes, investment decisions and information technology outcomes.

The Contractor shall provide support for the development, execution, sustainment, and maturation of core DMAD organizational business intelligence and analytics (BI&A) functions, which specifically include functions and capabilities associated with information portals and data science domains.  The Contractor tasks and activities associated with these domains shall follow best practices in data management, BI&A and data science, ultimately facilitating effective data-driven decision making for leaders and key stakeholders within OIT and the larger VA enterprise.

The Contractor shall use a VA approved repository to provide a single Agile product lifecycle management tool to track execution details.  The product data and artifact repository shall be used to provide a single authoritative product data source and artifact repository.  All OIT project data and artifacts shall be required to be managed in the repository on a daily basis.

The Contractor shall use a VA approved repository tool to:

  • Input and manage scheduled product sprints and backlog
  • Input and manage epics, user stories, and requirements
  • Input and manage product risks and issues
  • Input and manage product configurations and changes
  • Input and manage product test plans and execution
  • Input and manage product planning and engineering documentation
  • Input and manage linkages between requirements, code, tests and defects to correlate requirements to change orders to configurable items to risks, impediments, and issues to test cases and test results to show full traceability.

The Contractor shall enter all Agile requirements, changes, tests performed and test results in the repository tool to show evidence of code coverage and test coverage of all the requirements specified. This will allow VA to have high confidence in a fully documented requirement, as evidenced by data in the repository tool and/or traceability matrix.

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