WashingtonExec: How Jose Arrieta Became a Blockchain Champion

“Jose Arrieta has left his mark on IT history as the person who created the first blockchain in U.S. federal government — and only the second in the world — to be used for public procurement.”

“Today, he serves as the chief information officer at the Department of Health and Human Services, overseeing technology efforts during a critical time. Under his leadership, HHS has slashed operating costs, consolidated contracts and implemented several moves to leverage advanced technology — including blockchain, a cryptographed digital ledger that is by design resistant to data modification.”

“The government career that led to him taking the technology helm of HHS back in May began around 15 years ago…”

“Blockchain at HHS

It was about that time the Treasury deputy secretary asked Arrieta if he would be the Treasury representative to the working group and the National Security Council on emerging technology.

Aware of the politics around formal identity, Arrieta began getting curious about other uses…”

“Since he came on board with HHS about two years ago, Arrieta has led the building of HHS Accelerate, the core of an effort to simplify acquisitions through a series of containerized microservices off the blockchain designed to simplify paperwork and acquisitions as well as share information….” Read the full article here.

Source: How Jose Arrieta Became a Blockchain Champion – By Rachel Kirkland, March 31, 2020. WashingtonExec.



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