COVID-19 Contracts Exceed $10 Billion with VA and GSA topping the list

“Federal agencies and departments have spent more than $10 billion on COVID-19 related contracts since February – more than doubling the total number of contracts in the past 11 days.”

“According to figures from the Federal Procurement Data System, over 90 agencies and departments have signed more than 19,900 coronavirus-related contracts since February. Agencies and departments have inked more than 10,000 additional contracts since the total spend of $8.7 billion on May 1.”

“The most notable change to the spending patterns is that the General Services Administration (GSA) passed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to top the list in terms of total purchases. GSA has made over 13,000 transactions for a total of around $54 million. The VA made just over 2,800 purchases, but for a total of $1.2 billion.” Read the full article here.

Source: COVID-19 Contracts Exceed $10 Billion – By Dwight Weingarten, May 12, 2020. MeriTalk.



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